Launching Tuesday 7 September at the K+K George, 1-15 Templeton Place.

This Autumn is going to be hard for very many RBKC residents who will face unemployment, hardship, and potential homelessness due to the longer-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ongoing economic impact of COVID-19 will leave 15,000+ Kensington & Chelsea residents at a sudden loss of income. Many of these residents will have had no experience with connecting with council services or support resources and a lack of knowledge may prevent them from seeking assistance.

The Mutual Aid Platform Lunches aims to provide a relaxed, comfortable space for residents to met and talk and be signposed to the advice and support that these residents might need in this challenging time.



1. Advice and Guidance to individuals on learning and employment including self-employment National Careers Service Ixion/Shaw Trust

2. Benefits, Grants and Start-up Funding DWP/RBKC Benefits: Paul Ellary, RBKC

3. Skills development to enhance current skills set: programmes such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships and other ESF Paul Willis and Steven Vasilou Ixion/Shaw Trust

4. The Portobello Business Centre: its current programme of business support Stuart Woodrow The Portobello Business Centre

5. The Killer Personal Statement (to secure that interview) Craig Hanlon-Smith Morley College

6. The ZOOM interview: How to impress in the virtual world Matias Shortcook Morley College