If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 we are here to help! How can we help you?

  • Picking up shopping

  • Picking up medications

  • Posting mail

  • Urgent supplies

  • A friendly phone call

How does it work?


  1. We have a

Phone Number 020 7097 3731


Referral Email: kcma.referrals@gmail.com

  1. Please give us a ring or email and let us know the following information:

  • name,

  • phone number,

  • ward or postcode.

  1. Someone from your area will then be in touch to get further details and connect you with a volunteer.

Alternatively please contact your area admins directly, more details below.

After the task is completed, your personal details will be deleted from both our and the volunteers databases.

How is my information used?

  1. Any information you give to us will be viewed by a small number of coordinators.

  2. Your request will be anonymised when sent to volunteers (example - "someone needs X doing in Y area at Z time”)

  3. Only the volunteer who is able to accept the task will be given more detail. They will need to contact you direct, using the details you provided.

  4. After the task has been completed, your details will be deleted.

What about health and safety?

Your health and safety are our biggest priority. Please have a look at our page dedicated to Health and Safety first . We have provided all our volunteers with specific information on safeguarding. All volunteers have been asked for DBS checks and/or have provided us with their valid passport/drivers license. We are currently in the process of providing volunteers with badges to identify themselves.

How do I pay for things? What if I am unable to pay for them myself?

Once you have requested assistance from your Zone Admins we will talk with you about our zone specific expense policies and ways of dealing with it. We have a number of diverse payment methods for example: Bank Transfer, PayPal, cheques and Open Collectives. We advise against the usage of Cash to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

All the volunteers are required to show you the receipts and only charge you what they themselves have paid for the item(s).

If you are unable to pay for the items you needs, please make this clear to the administrators when requesting assistance. As a group of volunteers we are not a registered charity and get government funding. However, some Zones are doing some fundraising and others will offer items to you if volunteers have them and do not need them.


If you are isolated due to the Coronavirus then at some point you will probably need someone to get supplies on your behalf.

Online Deliveries

If you are able then please use the online delivery services of retailer. Ask delivery people to knock on your door and then leave the items outside. Do not let people inside your home. Wash your hands thoroughly (min. 20 secs) after receiving and handling any deliveries.

Unfortunately, online deliveries are heavily in use and you may need to receive some items quicker than they are able to deliver.

Alternative Options

(i) Click & Collect Services – you order online and get someone (friend/relative/neighbour/ volunteer) to collect it for you. Ask them to follow the same process for receiving online deliveries.

(ii) Digital Bank Cards – These work like normal bank cards but you can limit the amount that is spent just like a ‘Top up’ Prepaid card (see below). You will need to check which provider you prefer, but examples include Starling, Monzo, Revolut.

(iii) Get a Prepaid Card – These cards can make purchases online and in shops like a normal debit or credit card. The difference is that you just ‘top up’, like Oyster Cards, the amount that can be spent on the card. You simply top up the card with the amount of money you want to spend. Search online for Prepaid cards to find out different providers and terms and conditions.

(iv) Cash – Try to avoid this but keep amounts small and wash hands and money to avoid transferring the virus

Giving Cash or Card for Someone Else to Spend

This should be avoided but if your only other option is to risk others by going outside then you should consider giving a card or money to someone. If you do not know the person then we recommend one or more of the following:

a) Limit the amount you give someone (preferably pre-payment card or cash) so if they run off with it then you will not have lost much

b) Ask to hold onto their ID whilst they do purchases for you

c) Take their photo – it may seem a bit awkward, but an honest person will understand why


Advice for delivering to multi floored apartments or tower blocks: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ulBw48WrLBQVTt9BELMdvUf2cHeAsCJ-BipYEhi8Ubc/edit?usp=sharing

Today we did our first drop off and a few thoughts:

  • Firstly this is a volunteer network, no one is vetted and we don’t necessarily know if people are who they say they are

  • Safeguarding is about protecting the vulnerable person and yourself

  • Try to do as much as possible to be in plain site - out in the open


  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going

  • Give them a time you will text that member to confirm you are okay after

  • Try to pair people up (buddy system) or arrange to go with someone else you know or trust

  • Arrange to call the person you are visiting when you are outside the door

  • Do not go into the house

  • Make sure you have taken extreme hygiene procedures before and after


  • Make sure you called a family or friend member to let them know what is happening

  • Arrange to call them after to check in that you are okay

  • Do not let anyone into your house


Please follow the advice in this SafeGuarding matrix